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Easy to assemble with ZERO construction and ZERO downtime for your business. Our products are completely modular, and made of raw steel making them safe.

Watch the Parklet & Enclosure Assembly

Watch the Parklet & Enclosure Assembly


Our entry level parklet allows for individual customization and incorporation of future elements. This parklet comes in one standard size.

Fabricated with raw steel, simple detailing and non-slip modular steel decking, you may add panels or create your own.


Transform the street parking and residual roadway into a customizable extension of your business.

Our mid sized parklet is designed to be installed in any existing parking space. While the footprint size is standard, railing options can be customized to your liking.

20x20 or 10x40

If you would like a fully customized parklet that is as unique as your business then allow us to introduce you to the cream of the crop.  

This fully customizable parklet is only limited by your imagination, with this parklet the sky is the limit. 


Forget about jersey barriers and event fencing, it is time we beautify special event barricades & partitions and make them as unique as your community.


What kind of Colorado company would we be unless we had a solution for cold and inclement weather?

The only, completely modular, load bearing winter enclosure on the market.  Made to fit your existing MODSTREET parklet you can add or remove features depending on the season.  

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