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Easy to assemble with ZERO construction and ZERO downtime. Our products are completely modular, and made of raw steel making them safe.

The addition of the MODSTREET Parklets to Olde Town have enhanced the look and feel of our downtown. The construction and quality is reflective of the aesthetic which is essential for our historic downtown, while also allowing us to embrace the move toward being more pedestrian focused and friendly.

Joe Hengstler

Executive Director, Olde Town Arvada Business Improvement District
City of Olde Town Arvada, CO

Parklet & Enclosure Assembly Animation

Watch the Parklet & Enclosure Assembly

Assembling a 10x30 parklet in 40 minutes!


Our entry level parklet allows for individual customization and incorporation of future elements. This parklet comes in one standard size.

Fabricated with raw steel, simple detailing and non-slip modular steel decking, you may add panels or create your own.


Transform the street parking and residual roadway into a customizable extension of your business.

Our mid sized parklet is designed to be installed in any existing parking space. While the footprint size is standard, railing options can be customized to your liking.

20x20 or 10x40

If you would like a fully customized parklet that is as unique as your business then allow us to introduce you to the cream of the crop.  

This fully customizable parklet is only limited by your imagination, with this parklet the sky is the limit. 


Forget about jersey barriers and event fencing, it is time we beautify special event barricades & partitions and make them as unique as your community.


Added safety and style with modular planters. Incorporate them into a parklet or stand alone. 


What kind of Colorado company would we be unless we had a solution for cold and inclement weather?

The only, completely modular, load bearing winter enclosure on the market.  Made to fit your existing MODSTREET parklet you can add or remove features depending on the season.  

Arvada was proud to work with this Colorado based company to support our business community both during the pandemic and beyond. We chose to work with MODSTREET because of their innovative, hands on approach and being able to provide solutions to businesses with different needs. The thing I like most about MODSTREET’s products are that they look great and that they are built to last. 

Ryan Stachelski

Director, Community and Economic Development,
City of Olde Town Arvada, CO

What is a Parklet?

A parklet is a curbside parking area that has been converted into a seating area or other use space. Parklets are easily customizable and may include a platform, greenery, bike racks, or any number of other practical and design elements. Modular parklets are as customizable as legos.  Components can be combined into any number of configurations and are easily removable or changeable. 

Benefits of Parklets?

The obvious benefits of parklets for businesses include affordability, an increased footprint for serving customers, and an easily customizable way to change design elements for various events and seasons. Parklets range in cost from $8,000 to $100,000, with an average price tag of about $20,000, including design fees, permits, and materials. In areas with no other expansion area available, parklets are a great option and provide increased revenue to downtown districts by contributing an appealing outdoor space to gather and shop. Because downtown communities are continually evolving, parklets’ customizable features make them an excellent option for ongoing revitalization. 

Additional benefits of parklets include the ease of maintaining social distance and addressing health needs. Parklets are generally 10×10 or 10×20. The limited footprint for each parklet provides for social distancing among groups, and the outdoor environment allows for the circulation of fresh air. Parklets also enable businesses to serve customers beyond required indoor seating limitations due to COVID-19. 

Popularity of Parklets

The first parklet was designed in San Francisco in 2005. Since then, parklets can be found in major cities worldwide, including Philadelphia, Chicago, New Orleans, Seattle, Mexico City, and Montreal. Parklets serve as community park spaces, extended restaurant dining, outdoor spaces for bars, and the list of uses for parklets continues to grow rapidly. In Midtown Atlanta, plans for parklets visualize areas for bikes, seating, and art. In Fort Worth, officials are allowing temporary parklets as a pilot program to serve COVID-19 impacted businesses.  As parklets gain popularity, they are becoming an integral part of the identity of cities and communities. 

Parklet Builders

Many considerations go into building parklets. Some of them are practical. How will they affect rainwater drainage? How will traffic be affected? Will they block sightlines? What are city permit requirements? Other concerns are how to put together design features for both functionality and style. The goal of parklets is to enhance an area; therefore, the design must consider the current surroundings. It’s vital to utilize a parklet builder that understands all of these concerns and the vision for the space’s future. 

Parklets are the perfect way to provide beauty and functionality. As the future of parklets evolves, we can help you utilize the opportunity to be a part of the journey. Contact us to help make your parklet vision a reality.  

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