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Rebuilding America's Downtowns

Founded and headquartered in Durango, Colorado

We Know the importance of downtown to a community's character

We created MODSTREET to meet the needs of communities that want to help strengthen their businesses and reimagine their downtown streetscape, during and beyond this pandemic.  

We believe in the power of community!  Now is the time to reshape the fabric of our downtowns by rethinking urban design and bringing the human element back to its core.

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Tons of Steel Cut
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What We Do

We Rebuild Community

We provide unique, high quality, flexible, outdoor parklets and other modular products for restaurants, breweries, retailers and communities alike. 

MODSTREET was created from a desire to help communities rebuild and rebound from the devastating effects of the pandemic.  We keep innovating so we remain flexible and responsive to what businesses and communities need to survive and thrive.

Modular Parklets & Other Products

Our Latest Projects

Changes to downtowns, downtown parking, the need for flexibility, and the desire for consumer experience provides an opportunity for small business, small towns and small cities to re-adapt “horizontal” spaces to reinvigorate their core and help communities and key districts recover and thrive.

Grand Junction, CO

10x20 parklet with enclosure

Durango, CO

10x30 Parklet

Ramblebine Brewing

10x20 Parklet

Golden, CO


Café Sol

10x40 Parklet

Seasons of Durango

10x30 parklet

What Our Clients Have Said
“this is such an incredible product I can't thank you enough for your ingenuity and perfect timing. because of your product my business will survive this unpredictable time.”
Ethan D. Saw
Ethan D. Saw

Why Parklets? 3 Reasons Cities are going all in

In cities both large and small, parklets are increasing in popularity as a way to repurpose streets, parking areas, and public spaces for people. Starting in the early 2000’s in California and slowly making their way across North America, parklets are popping up everywhere.

What Are Parklets?

In short, parklets are distinctly designed, modular spaces set up in public areas. Safe and convenient, they’re also an attractive way to solve practical urban problems. 

Parklets are public seating platforms that convert curbside parking spaces into vibrant community spaces. Also known as street seats or curbside seating, parklets are the product of a partnership between the city and local businesses, residents, or neighborhood associations. (NACTO)

Most parklets have distinctive designs; and because they are entirely customizable, they can be perfectly appointed to meet the needs of whatever space they inhabit. 

  • Size and shape
  • Seating
  • Greenery
  • Bike racks

All these and more are options that make parklets popular, particularly in downtown areas.

Popular Parklet Programs

San Francisco’s parklet program has been particularly effective. By converting parking spaces and expanses of sidewalk, this city has been able to add amenities such as seating, landscaping, expanded restaurant and retail space, and art. 

The parklet program in San Francisco has benefited

  • Artists
  • Restaurateurs
  • Retail shop owners
  • Community organizations
  • Local citizens

Because parklets are both economical and easy to implement, city officials have found the parklet program a fast and affordable way to enhance the city’s charm and appeal.

Why Parklets? 3 Reasons Why Cities Are Going All In

San Francisco isn’t alone in learning the value of parklets. Communities around the country are recognizing their distinct values and going all in.


Once parklets are installed, they not only serve a purpose themselves but also have been known to prompt a “spillover effect.” 

People attract people. Those who make use of the parklets draw the eye and attention of passersby, who are then likewise prompted to stop, gather, and commune. 


The most common behaviors at parklets are eating and talking. Whether folks are sitting down at a parklet that serves as an extension of a local cafe or stopping for a rest and a sip of water at a mini-park style parklet, people are drawn together in a shared space. There, they’re free to talk, laugh, and connect. 


Because parklets are so entirely customizable, cities both large and small are finding them hard to resist. Whether you’re in the market for partial enclosures, full enclosures, or simple platforms or barricades, you’ll quickly discover that parklets can be pretty much whatever you want them to be.

At MODSTREET, our safe and versatile parklet solutions include a variety of sizes and styles. 

Whatever you need, we’ve got you.

Your Trusted Parklet Builders

Here at MODSTREET, we’re proud to serve cities and communities seeking practical parklet solutions.

For more information on parklets, or to hear more about how parklets can help benefit your town or city, please feel free to contact us at any time.

We look forward to learning more about what you do and working together to leverage the power of parklets to your advantage!

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