The Modular Solution to Urban Walkability: MODSTREET's Pedlet

Pedlets: Construction-less Sidewalk Extension

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Jul 10 2024

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Walkability has become a critical factor in urban planning, influencing community engagement and property values. It transforms bustling streets into vibrant hubs of activity and commerce.

Urban walkability significantly benefits local small businesses by increasing foot traffic. However, narrow sidewalks and proximity to vehicular traffic can pose challenges. MODSTREET offers a solution with the Pedlet: a modular sidewalk extension equipped with railings, enhancing pedestrian safety and business opportunities through easy installation.

What is the Pedlet?

The Pedlet is a modular boardwalk that extends sidewalks into inviting pedestrian pathways. Its modular design features deck pieces that provide a comfortable walking surface reminiscent of wooden boards. The installation is swift and adaptable, allowing for incremental build-up as needed.

Pedlets include elegant railings that separate pedestrians from adjacent traffic, ensuring a secure and pleasant experience. This enhancement not only improves urban walkability but also accommodates outdoor tables, benches, and shop displays, enriching the sidewalk environment.

Benefits of the Pedlet for Urban Walkability

Pedlets widen narrow sidewalks, replacing broken concrete with a resilient, enjoyable walking surface. They facilitate urban mobility and accessibility, incorporating ramps and smooth surfaces suitable for all pedestrians, including those with mobility challenges.

These enhancements make commercial areas more attractive to both residents and tourists, fostering increased exploration and commerce throughout the day.

Supporting Small Businesses with the Pedlet

Small businesses thrive on foot traffic, and Pedlets enable them to expand their storefront presence onto the sidewalk. By creating a more inviting environment, Pedlets encourage leisurely strolls and support collective efforts among businesses to revitalize entire city blocks.

The Pedlet Installation Process

MODSTREET’s innovative modular design simplifies the installation process. Using modular deck frames, panels, railings, and ramps, Pedlets are assembled quickly without the need for traditional construction. A city block can be transformed in a single day, enhancing both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

Pedlets are environmentally friendly, designed to integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure without disrupting water flow or adding pollution. Their durable construction requires minimal maintenance, ensuring long-term urban enhancement.

Future Trends in Urban Walkability with Modular Solutions

Pedlets represent a progressive approach to urban revitalization, aligning with growing trends favoring pedestrian-friendly environments over vehicle-centric cityscapes. They set a precedent for future modular upgrades, potentially transforming rooftops and vacant urban spaces into dynamic community assets.

Enhance Your Small Business Foot Traffic with MODSTREET Pedlets

Whether you’re a city planner or a small business owner, MODSTREET’s Pedlets can unlock the pedestrian potential of any commercial area. By enhancing urban walkability, you can create vibrant local destinations that attract and retain visitors, enhancing the overall appeal and liveliness of your city. Contact us today to discover how MODSTREET’s modular solutions can elevate your community.